A Cracked Tooth Can Be a Serious Dental Emergency

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Even though the enamel layer on your teeth is incredibly hard, there are rare instances where an accidental blow to the face or a hard fall can impact a tooth so hard that it cracks. This kind of dental emergency can vary in its severity. How deeply the crack penetrates the tooth will determine the treatment options your dentist, Dr. Jeff Davidson, recommends.

If the cracked tooth causes a sharp or persistent pain or a deep ache in the surrounding gums, it likely means that the crack has also caused damage to the tooth’s dentin and other internal structures.

Dr. Jeff Davidson will likely need to perform a root canal to replace the damaged internal structures with a rubbery material called gutta percha. Later, they will restore the entire tooth’s enamel with a dental crown.

Even if the crack in the enamel is limited to the enamel layer and pain after the trauma subsides, Dr. Jeff Davidson should still look at it. In some cases, the area should be repaired with a cosmetic bonding, filling or crown before tooth decay can take hold.

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