A Previously Repaired Tooth with a New Cavity Might Need to Be Treated with a Crown

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Dr. Jeff Davidson can often repair a small cavity on a tooth with a simple dental filling. This will restore the structure and function of the tooth for many years to come. If you develop a second cavity on the tooth, there might not be enough healthy tooth remaining to apply a second filling.

To effectively treat a tooth in this condition Dr. Davidson might recommend a dental crown. This will replace the layer of tooth enamel with another material such as gold, a base metal alloy, or dental porcelain.

After removing the previous filling and the remaining traces of tooth enamel Dr. Davidson will take an impression of the area. This will guide dental technicians in creating your crown. The material Dr. Davidson recommends will be based on the tooth’s function and position in your smile.

A tooth that is highly visible will likely need a porcelain dental crown. This material can be shaded to match natural tooth enamel, making it indistinguishable from the neighboring teeth.

When your dental crown is ready Dr. Davidson will cement it in place with a strong dental adhesive.

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