A Tooth With a Failing Dental Filling Might Need to Be Restored by a Dental Crown

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A dentist will often use a simple dental filling to treat a minor case of tooth decay. This treatment plan might also be used to treat an insignificant chip or small area of dental attrition.

Once the durable material has been applied to the defective area of tooth enamel it will restore the tooth’s essential structure for many years. Consistent oral hygiene habits will help prevent new cavities while also maximizing the dental filling’s life span.

Yet as it ages a dental filling’s bond with the surrounding tooth enamel can start to weaken. The process can be accelerated if you sometimes forget to brush and floss, or you miss one of your dental check ups at Mountain Peak Dental.

If you have noticed something wrong with a previously treated tooth, you should have it examined by Dr. Jeff Davidson, before it falls out.

If the affected dental filling is large, or a new area of tooth decay has started to develop on the tooth, they might need to perform a dental crown restoration. This treatment plan is designed to fully replace the tooth’s enamel layer with a metallic alloy or porcelain.

You will to return to Mountain Peak Dental for a second appointment to have the dental crown cemented in place. This will fully restore the tooth’s function in your mouth.

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