FAQs About Dental Bridges

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Dental bridges can help you, your smile, and your oral health in a myriad of ways. Although this is the case, they still might be a tad confusing and even overwhelming. So, if your dentist, Dr. Jeff Davidson or Dr. Lynn Seamons, suggested restoring your smile with a porcelain dental bridge, our dental team will be happy to help you feel more confident about and prepared for the treatment. To do so, we will give you the answers to frequently asked questions about dental bridges.

Q: What is a dental bridge?

A: A dental bridge is a strong restoration that can replace your missing tooth. It is a false tooth in the middle and a dental crown on each side. The crowns will anchor onto the remaining natural teeth that lie on both sides of the gap in the mouth and will give you a complete smile.

Q: What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

A: A bridge can do many things for you, your smile, and your oral health. In fact, it can restore your smile, give you the ability to speak and chew, maintain the shape of your face, prevent surrounding teeth from drifting out of place, and add force to your bite.

Q: What is the process of placing a dental bridge?

A: Your appointment will consist of many steps. First, your dentist will numb your mouth with a local anesthetic. Then, they will shave the enamel from the surrounding teeth to create room for the dental crowns. When those teeth are the correct shape, your dentist will make an impression of them and will send the impression to a dental lab technician who will custom make your new bridge. When your bridge is created, it will be sent to our office. You will come back for your second appointment to get it cemented over the anchoring teeth.

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