Speaking and Eating With Dentures

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Do you have dentures that you have you gotten recently? In trying to get used to them, are you having some unexpected problems? Your new teeth can restore your smile, but if you’re having issues, you may lose confidence in the restorations. Today we would like to discuss a couple common issues that you could experience and what you can do about them.

Problems Eating
You might find it difficult to eat initially. Your dentures could slip when you chew or bite down, or food particles could get underneath, which may get uncomfortable. Practice can make eating easier, and you can cut up soft foods into smaller pieces. Your teeth can be more stable if you chew on both sides at the same time and, when you’ve become more confident in your ability, you can begin to eat more challenging foods.

Difficulty Speaking
Speaking could be challenging as your tongue adjusts to moving around your new dentures to form the familiar sounds. But, as with eating, practice can help you overcome this obstacle as well. You can practice talking with a close friend, or by yourself. Additionally, you can sing along with songs or read aloud from your favorite books to help improve your speech.

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