Dental Veneers Can Improve a Smile Suffering from Multiple Cosmetic Imperfections

A white and winning smile is important for your personal appearance and self-esteem. If you have multiple teeth in your smile suffering from cosmetic imperfections, you might be interested in having Drs. Davidson and Seamons fit you for veneers. These are basically thin, porcelain shells that are custom made from special dental-grade porcelain. They are custom made in a professional... read more »

Tips for Dealing With a Damaged Crown

When Mountain Peak Dental installed your permanent crown it was intended to fully restore the function and appearance of that tooth for a long time to come. In some rare instances it is possible for something like a hard fall or blow to the face can damage a crown. This may be more likely if the crown in question is... read more »

Dealing with a Missing Filling

A common filling repairs a small to moderate area of tooth decay. Even though they are intended to be durable and last for a long time, it’s not uncommon for a filling to be lost or missing. As a general rule of thumb the older and larger a filling is, the more likely it is to fall out or have... read more »