Teeth Lost to Oral Trauma Can Sometimes Be Replaced with a Removable Partial Denture

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Sports injuries and automobile accidents are common causes of oral trauma. Sometimes a blow to the mouth can be so severe that it results in the loss of multiple teeth.

In a situation like this Dr. Jeff Davidson offers several methods for restoring the overall function and appearance of your teeth. In a single appointment they can quickly assess the severity of the problem and present you with the applicable treatments.

If the teeth cannot be saved by a root canal, they might recommend extracting whatever remains of the dental roots After your gums have healed, Dr. Jeff Davidson can help you decide if you want to restore the teeth with dental implants and a dental bridge, or a removable partial denture.

A partial denture is often faster than a dental implant restoration. This is a miniature version of dentures that corresponds to the shape and location of the missing teeth. It can be removed at your convenience and reinstalled to restore the function of your mouth.

The artificial teeth are set into a material that mimics the appearance of gum tissue, which also serves as a foundation to hold them tightly in place.

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