The ADA Seal of Acceptance

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There is a wide array of oral hygiene products available on store shelves today. Unfortunately, not all of these products are effective enough to be included in your daily oral hygiene routine. Some of them only impart a cosmetic value or just freshen your breath. Some of these products do not have sufficient concentrations of active ingredients to meet the high standards established by the American Dental Association’s Seal of acceptance program.

The ADA started their seal of acceptance program in 1931 to help consumers identify the most effective oral hygiene products available. Since then, it has become the standard of quality for participating manufacturers.

Manufacturers can participate in the program on a voluntary basis. Before a manufacturer launches a new oral hygiene product, they can submit it to the ADA for testing and research. The ADA tests the active ingredients for safety and effectiveness. If the product meets the rigorous guidelines, it will receive certification and the Seal of Acceptance will be printed on the label.

The ADA also provides an index on their website of all oral hygiene products that have earned the seal.

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