The Facts About Chewing Gum and Your Teeth

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Have you ever heard that chewing your gum is bad for your teeth? There may be some truth in this. However, chewing gum can also lead to a number of dental benefits. You see, chewing gum can be detrimental or beneficial—depending on the type of gum you chew.

As you may have already guessed, if you choose to chew sugary gum, you could be leaving yourself more vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. However, if you choose a sugar free gum, you could actually benefit your teeth. You see, the chewing motion generates more saliva, which will actually carry bad plaque and bacteria away from your teeth. Similarly, chewing gum can create a healthy environment for the good bacteria in your mouth.

When you choose your gum, you may want to consider finding one with xylitol instead of one flavored with artificial sweeteners. Much like saliva does, xylitol could actually create an environment where your good bacteria can thrive. Furthermore, xylitol can actually stop bad bacteria from bonding to your teeth.

Still, please note that some argue that chewing gum could actually train your muscles to clench your teeth. In other words, if you chew gum often, you could increase your chances of bruxism or TMJ disorder.

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