Behavior to Avoid During Baseball Season

Are you a baseball player? If so, your season is most likely just starting. As you swing the bat, catch balls and do other baseball-related things, it’s best to care for your smile. This is important because if you don’t keep your teeth and gums in mind, they can pay the consequences. In fact, there are certain habits and behaviors... read more »

Improve Your Smile with Dental Veneers Today!

Dental veneers are thin, porcelain shells that cover your tooth, hide its imperfections, and enhance its appearance! It can give you a whiter and more attractive smile with a simple and easy cosmetic dental process. Our dentist, Dr. Jeff Davidson, is happy to tell you more about dental veneers by giving you the details about treatment and care. Dental veneer... read more »

FAQs About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can help you, your smile, and your oral health in a myriad of ways. Although this is the case, they still might be a tad confusing and even overwhelming. So, if your dentist, Dr. Jeff Davidson or Dr. Lynn Seamons, suggested restoring your smile with a porcelain dental bridge, our dental team will be happy to help you... read more »

How Does Smoking Affect Your Oral Health?

If you are currently a habitual smoker, Dr. Jeff Davidson and our dental team would like to review the effects of this lifestyle choice on your oral health as well as your overall health. Let's take a look! #1 Discoloration of your teeth: Unfortunately, tobacco can remove the whiteness from your tooth enamel. With smoking (not to mention chewing tobacco), it can... read more »

What Foods Can Help My Teeth?

Little did you know, there are additional ways you can care for your smile other than keep up on oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. One of the ways is by eating foods that are healthy for your teeth! To help you know a little more, Dr. Jeff Davidson and our dental team are happy to share some more... read more »

How Can Tongue Scrapers Benefit My Overall Health?

Whether you believe it or not, your tongue can get quite dirty throughout the day. This means you should clean it on a regular basis. To make this task a little easier, many people use tongue scrapers. Tongue scrapers can help you in more ways than you might realize. To help you know a little more about this beneficial oral... read more »